Dedication & Commitment:

At Quest Capital Advisers, “service” not only means to take care of the current needs of our clients, but to help them achieve their long term financial goals. Our full dedication towards serving our clients derive in our commitment to make available to them all our expertise and knowledge, in a personalized way. 

Dedication and commitment are made possible by the strength the company offers.


Competitiveness and Strength:

Based in a relationship of trust derived from a personalized, agile and appropriate style of working, Quest gives you the best financial service by combining the absolute strength of having an account in a solid American bank, as well as having the support of Andbank, European Bank (BBB rating.) 

By having fluent trading relationships with various counterparties, Quest has the possibility of trading each security or ….. with the most competitive counterparty. In this way we can choose from a huge variety of products and offer you those instruments that better suite your profile and needs trading them at better prices.